The last version of Wake used the navigation system provided in the Adventure Game Studio template. To make a minor improvement to the system, I tried to remove all traces of standardized interfaces. The previous bar is a relic of 80s adventure game design, in particular the early King's Quest games. The grayscale buttons and low resolution icons don't match the hand-drawn aesthetic of the Wake game itself.

The above screenshot shows the game with the revised graphical interface. This is the first step of redesigning the system: the next step will be to convert the game to a higher resolution to accomodate more detail in the interface and in the backgrounds. That change will require revisiting all the current interactions and design, but will allow for much more flexibility in the overall production.

The above image is the revision to the other template: the template for the cursor. I've changed the standardized King's Quest options cursor to a customized interface reflecting the avatar herself. Right now, the images are too high-resolution for the system, and appear a bit larger than they will in the final version--this can be seen in the screenshot below:

The revised version of the game can be downloaded here.